"Depending on the tune, the interwoven triple-guitar gamesmanship of Empyrean Atlas can run in few different directions: toward the mathy post-punk of Horse Lords or Battles, toward warmly anesthetic ambience (say, Pink Floyd meets Bradford Cox), or toward West African high life. On “Echolocation,” the clangy, lapping repetitions feel most in line with that last influence. The quintet’s movements are coiled and contained, but pulsing with small, ecstatic fibrillations." Giovanni Russonello, New York Times 

"Empyrean Atlas offers bright, peppy Afrobeat jump-up...[they] have strayed a long way from their classical chamber-music roots, and are better and bolder for their ventures." Steve Smith, The Log Journal

"At eighteen minutes, Poly Rush might seem more EP-length teaser than full-length argument on behalf of Empyrean Atlas, yet what a teaser it is...I can't recall another outfit whose polyrhythms lock quite so tightly together as do Empyrean Atlas's...Brief it might be, but a track like “Echolocation,” for example, is very much capable of inducing an entranced swoon the moment that dazzling interplay appears." Textura

"Empyrean Atlas looks like a rock band but sounds like a cross between Philip Glass and King Sunny Ade. Blending the sounds of West African pop with New York minimalism, guitarist/sax player David Crowell leads a quintet that includes two additional guitarists with bass and drums."  WNYC's New Sounds

“…writing for this new outfit combines Minimalist drive and Afropop shimmer – a bright infectious mix.” TimeOut NY


                                                                     cover photo by Smriti Keshari